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The new concept of pizza, fast pizza for single pax.
We serve top-notch quality pizzas in under 5 minutes.

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Don‘t Share, Have Your Own!
Personal Sized Pizza from Korea

Why settle for big and expensive pizzas?

Who says it has to take forever?


Introducing GOPIZZA! Exciting, convenient, and tailored to your preferences.


Our personal-sized pizzas are ready in just 5-7 minutes! Say goodbye to waiting for your pizza. Enjoy a piping hot slice in no time, whether dining in or on the go. Experience the thrill of personalised, fast, and mouthwatering pizza.


GOPIZZA revolutionizes your cheesy delight!


Indulge in the joy of delectable flavours all to yourself or share them with your squad!

Get ready to experience a pizza revolution with our newly introduced oval-shaped pizzas.


Not only have we reduced the size, but now it's perfectly portioned with 5 slices, ideal for a single serving!


Embrace a whole new pizza culture where you can simply GO for it, without worrying about time, budget, or the number of people you're with.